How Developers partner with Real Estate Brokers?

Keys to Building Effective Partnerships You’re just about to finish up your latest home build project, but now it’s time to get those units sold. Partnering with a real estate professional is an excellent way to sell your newly built construction quickly. Relations between builders and professionals have often been tenuous, at best. It doesn’t […]

Makar Sankranti 2018 मकर संक्रांति

मकर संक्रान्ति का महत्व शास्त्रों के अनुसार, दक्षिणायण को देवताओं की रात्रि अर्थात् नकारात्मकता का प्रतीक तथा उत्तरायण को देवताओं का दिन अर्थात् सकारात्मकता का प्रतीक माना गया है। शीत काल जब समाप्त होने लगता है तो सूर्य मकर रेखा का संक्रमण करते (काटते) हुए उत्तर दिशा की ओर अभिमुख हो जाता है, इसे ही उत्तरायण कहा जाता है| एक फसल […]

Pre-Leased Agriculture Land for Sell

Pre-Leased Agriculture Land for Sell The sale of agriculture statute leased land of 1040 Vighas near Vataman Cross Roads, in Villages Golana & Mitali, Taluka Khambhat, District Anand(Gujarat). A title clear land parcel of the size 1040 vighas i. e. 600+ acres, which has been leased to a prawns cultivator for a period of 10 […]


THE PARK – A RICHER LIFE  SOLSTICE Presenting the most desirable cloud-scraping residences at never-before prices Select 2 Bed residences in Lodha Allura and Lodha Parkside with dazzling views and no premium charges starting at Rs. 4.8 cr Enviable location at World’s commercial and lifestyle hotspot 7-acres of sprawling landscaped park with world-class amenities Enjoy […]


Lotus Greens BROADWALKS Lotus Greens is proud to present the single biggest opportunity to invest in Retail in Delhi NCR. To understand what makes BROADWALK the singular Retail Investment Opportunity in Noida currently, I would have to share a quick background of Sector 150, Sports City at Sector 150 and the vision of Broadwalk. The […]

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