From the Desk of Chairman, Manish Vyas

Starting from higher to middle class localities are transferred all over the world. So, they require Residential Area, Industrial and Commercial property. Development of Gujarat is at best stage as foreign currency been invested here. Attraction of external public out of Gujarat been increased because of the Town Planning, Ultra Modern Planning, Wide Straight roads, […]

Furnished house with best amenities in Proper location Surat

We have maximum listed commercial properties and database for the region than any other major real estate websites from Gujarat. We assure you that your search ends here. Tulja Estate is a Real Estate Consultant. We work closely with Investors, companies in the Banking, Insurance, Financial. Hospitality and Retail Sector. Tulja Estate with highly dedicated […]

Tulja Estate- Pioneer in Real Estate Deal

મનીષ વ્યાસ ( ચેરમેન ) – ઓલ ઓવર વલ્ડૅ ની અંદર વધારેમાં વધારે લોકો હાયર મીડલ ક્લાસ ની લોકાલીટી ટ્રાન્સફર થતી હોય છે માટે રહેણાંક વિસ્તાર, ઔધોગિક અને કોમર્શીયલ પ્રોપટીની જરૂરિયાત વધારે પડે છે. જેમાં ગુજરાત રાજ્ય વધારેમાં વધારે ડેવલોપ થતું હોવાથી બહારનું વિદેશી હુંડિયામણનું ઇન્વેસ્ટમેન્ટ થતું હોવાથી ગુજરાત નું સારામાં સારું ડેવલોપમેન્ટ છે. આંમ […]

Best Deal for Buying property in various locations

The established the firm Tulja Estate in Ahmedabad with the objective of constructing quality & art full resident & commercial assets and developing land in the urban and sub-urban area to fulfil the demand of emerging mega city. Tulja Estate mainly deals with the development of all kinds of commercial & residential assets such as […]

Real Estate Brokers Associations in Rajkot

Tulja Estate is an independent body for Real Estate Brokers, dealing with property in Rajkot. We started in a year *** **** when a group of leading Real Estate Brokers in Rajkot decided to form an association. We are a first ever dedicated real estate portal for Rajkot. The site contains tons of features specially […]

Be strong with us in terms of Finance – A leading service provider in Rajkot

Tulja Estate is a specialized retail financial organization engaged in financial services since 25 years, registered as a Financial service provider. We at Tulja Estate offer various Loans and Financial Services for Home Loans, Two wheeler loans, MSME Loans, Agri Loans, SME Loans and Commercial Vehicle Loans to satisfy their varied requirement. The focus remains […]

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