• January 3, 2018
  • Om Vyas
Deeds of Apartments must contain the following particulars, namely:
a) Description of the land as provided by Section 11 of the Act or the post office address of the property, including in either case the liber, page and date of executing the Declaration, the date and serial number of its registration under the Registration Act, 1908 and the date and other reference, if any of its filing with the competent authority.
b) The apartment number of the apartment in the Declaration and any other data necessary for its proper identification.
c) Statement of the use for which the apartment is intended and restrictions on its use if any.
d) The percentage of undivided interest appertaining to the apartment in the common areas and facilities.
e) Any further details which the parties to the deed may deem desirable to set forth consistent with the Declaration and this Act. A true copy of every Deed of Apartment shall be filed in the office of the competent authority. Courtesy: www.legalpundits.com
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