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We are providing Financial Service.

About Financial Service

Tulja Finance, an internal division within Tulja Estate Private Limited.


Making Borrowing Simple!

Description of Financial Service

In Tulja Finance, we specialize in the facilitation of finance to various individuals, firms or companies who need it. This division offers its services for clients in need of Home Loans, Commercial Loans (Shops/Offices), Loans against Properties (Mortgage Loans), Business Loans, Personal Loans etc.

Loan Products

We offer services for securing following Financial Services:

  • Home Loans: The house of your dreams can now be yours. The range of Housing Finance products includes Home Loans, Home Improvement/Renovation Loans, and Home Extension Loans.
  • Commercial Loans: Whether it’s your Posh Office or a fancied Shop. Your dreams can now be the reality. Commercial finance products include office/shop loans, improvement/renovation loans or extension loans.
  • Loans against Property: This is a secured loan. If you own residential or commercial property you could utilize the value of the same by opting for an equitable mortgage loan. This money could be used accordingly for your desirable causes whether personal or business related.
  • Business loans: These are offered to small and medium enterprises towards working capital, expansion, or modernization of existing business. It could be either secured or unsecured. The idea is that if there is an opportunity for growth at acceptable risk levels the banks will finance.
  • Personal loans: This is an all-purpose loan. Absolutely hassle free and you can do virtually anything under the sky with the money, as long as you pay off the installments in time. It is an unsecured loan without guarantors, securities, hypothecation or any mortgages. Your income i.e, salary if salaried and IT Returns if self-employed along with other factors such as repayment track record and bank statement amongst others are considered by the banks during loan sanction.


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