Real Estate Agent Connecting the 5 Main Regions of Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is the second planned city in India after Chandigarh, and hence the city has been designed appropriately into five main regions for administrative purposes –

  • East Ahmedabad
  • West Ahmedabad
  • North Ahmedabad
  • South Ahmedabad
  • Central Ahmedabad

All five regions are well connected and some of the major locations, such as the airport, Ahmedabad and Maninagar railway stations and bus station are connected to all the regions, independently. And Ahmedabad-based real estate agent can inform you correctly about the ideal location to purchase or rent your residential/ commercial property for easy accessibility.

Wide roads, flyovers and highly functional public transport make travelling between any two points of Ahmedabad simple. However, the traffic jams at peak hour can escalate the time consumed in travelling from point to point. Hence, it would be advisable to take the services of a real estate agent who has the know-how of the city’s infrastructure and can advise you on ease of commuting from the location.

Due to the planned growth of the city, there are good educational institutes, shopping places and emergency services such as hospitals within easy distance around the different regions of Ahmedabad. Hence, when you are planning to buy or rent a house, that is one less thing to worry about. The vertical growth of the city implies a thriving community, and Ahmedabadis being naturally social, it also means an active community life.

If your work takes you to Gandhinagar, or any of the other satellite cities that are growing around the peripheries of Ahmedabad, finding suitable accommodation with all the allied amenities is not a big challenge, only make sure that you make an informed choice with respect to the paperwork.

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