Real Estate Brokers Associations in Rajkot

Tulja Estate is an independent body for Real Estate Brokers, dealing with property in Rajkot. We started in a year *** **** when a group of leading Real Estate Brokers in Rajkot decided to form an association.

We are a first ever dedicated real estate portal for Rajkot. The site contains tons of features specially catered for various real estate needs. Rajkot is one of the fastest developing city in Gujarat, India. Rajkot real estate market is growing every day. The site allows everyone to post advertisements for buying, selling, renting or leasing properties in Rajkot.

Real Estate Agents Association of Rajkot was founded with an intention for providing unique information about every sector of real estate; with a dedicated website on the internet.

We recognize that there are many options when it comes to real estate services and we believe customers should be updated of all possibilities. The organization sternly believes in making and maintaining relationships. It firmly believes that relationships cannot be established on hollow things. We believe the best real estate services can be found on a platform, and that an honest, unbiased environment can improve the real estate/ property experience.

Our main goal is to provide all the information you require to buy and sell property in Rajkot in any community. It’s our mission to provide you the opportunity to obtain the best possible representation from a top local real estate broker. We know that by providing valuable information and excellent representation, you will be able to secure the best possible price in any property you wish to buy or sell.

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