What should a lessee or occupant keep in mind while purchasing a flat or office?

  • December 30, 2017
  • Om Vyas

Some of the factors a lessee or occupant must keep in mind while rent a flat or office is:

      • Locality i.e. transport, schools, hospitals, market, business district, entertainment centers, hotels, restaurants, pollution levels
      • Quoted area of the flat i.e. Carpet, Built Up Area and super Built Up Area
      • Car parking space
      • State of the premises, quality of construction, fixtures, and fittings on the premises
      • Reputation of the Lessor
      • Sufficient water and electric supply, other utilities
      • Cost components: rent, stamp duty, registration charges, transfer fees, monthly outgoings and society charges, costs of utilities.
      • Any other distinguishing features or advantages of the property
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