Why you should keep in touch with your property dealer? (Even when you’re not looking to buy or sell)

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Property Dealer


Most people either don’t have a permanent real estate agent or only consult them when looking to sell, buy or rent a property [v_icon color=”#dd3333″ size=”18px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-home”]. Some choose an online broker website that gives them the false idea that they are dealing directly with the other party. Here are a few reasons to keep in touch with your property dealer.


  • Properties are no longer a safe bet. Even though they are not as volatile as the stocks, property prices may quickly rise and fall depending on the rate of urbanization, especially in developing cities.


  • Property dealers, much like you, value loyalty in their customers. When an old or more frequent client puts in a request, they are bound to give them preference over others.


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